No favoritism; new iPhone ad has AT&T and Verizon working together

Just a few days since Verizon's new iPhone 4 ad was released, which, by the way, had no actual iPhones in it, a new advert has hit the airwaves which displays two iPhones from AT&T and Verizon working flawlessly together.

The ad shows two iPhones in front of a white background, as usual, going through an array of the phone's tasks and features. First, they both check out a photo; then they go to news websites; download an app from the App Store; update their Facebook status; read a book; play a game, among other things; and finally, end up video calling each other with FaceTime, all at the same (edited) speed. The only differences between the two is the content, of course. For instance, different pictures, different websites, and different text.

It ends by showing the logos of both carriers and reads: "Two is better than one."

There's no doubt that Apple wanted to clear the air about which mobile carrier was seen as their top priority. Now, it seems AT&T and its customers can breathe easily. Apple has not turned their backs on them, as the Internet would have you believe. Apple is willing to prove that point, regardless of an exclusivity deal, by airing this joint commercial. Most importantly, they didn't show Verizon-exclusive features like mobile hotspot or AT&T's much-touted simultaneous data and voice. Although, we're pretty confident Verizon and AT&T will showcase that point for them, particularly if they don't decide to activate the hotspot feature for their own network.

Parenthetically, it would be quite a shock if Apple were to completely embrace Verizon in an iPhone, or even iPad, advertisement since Verizon was known for belittling the iPhone's features in a series of Motorola Droid ("Droid Does") commercials. Though, which mobile carrier hasn't jumped on that particular bandwagon?

Apple is most definitely riding the fence, as they should.

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