No iTunes Windows 8 app? Microsoft has way to import playlists into Xbox Music

Last week, Microsoft Windows CFO Tami Reller stated the company has tried and failed to convince Apple in making a Modern Windows 8 app version of iTunes to the OS. Today, Microsoft offered a way for people who have the regular desktop version of iTunes to import playlists over to the Windows 8 Xbox Music app.

In a post on the Windows Experience blog, Microsoft goes over the procedure step by step. Basically, users  first open the Xbox Music app, then click or tap on the My Music selection. The next step is to click or tap on the playlists menu option and then swipe up or right click to bring up the apps command menu. Finally, users can click or tap on the "Import playlist" menu. The app should then look for music playlists created by the iTunes desktop. If there are any, users can then click or tap on the “Import playlists” selection. That should allow the iTunes playlist to show up in the Xbox Music app, as seen in the above screenshot. Xbox Music Pass subscribers can then scan the playlist to see if they are available matches in the Xbox Music Store. When the matches are found, users can stream the iTunes playlist on their Windows 8 PC, along with Windows Phone smartphones and the Xbox 360 game console.

Unfortunately, the iTunes desktop app for Windows can't run on Windows RT. In that case, Microsoft states:

If you want to import your iTunes playlists on a Windows RT device – you will first need to move all your music files from your Music library on the PC that has iTunes installed (including the “iTunes” folder in your Music library) and all your music to your Windows RT device and then follow the steps outlined above to import your iTunes playlists.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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