No more iPhone subsidies for Microsoft employees

Unmoved by independent market-analysis company Forrester Research's conclusion that "iPhone users are richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than those who use competing smartphones," Microsoft has taken steps that have left some employees feeling more than a little perturbed.

Times are tough, even in Redmond. Microsoft has already made staff cuts, but it seems that that has not been enough to please the accountants, according to the Business Insider. Now Microsoft employees are being told they will no longer have their iPhone data service plans subsidised, even if those plans are mostly being used to conduct company business.

These changes also apply to any employee who uses a Blackberry or a Palm Pre. However, those who use Windows Mobile devices will still benefit from having their data plans reimbursed by Microsoft.

This is likely to strike many Microsoft employees as more than a bit unfair. Many rely on their plans to get vital work done for the company--and, if the company simply must cut data plan subsidies, they should, many would argue, cut them for everyone instead of just those who do not use Microsoft products.

(Interestingly, the only other exception here seems to apply to the people who work for Razorfish, Microsoft's advertising agency. They are allowed to keep their iPhone perks, but then this is probably not too surprising given Apple's strong and long-standing presence in the advertising and publishing industries.)

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