No TV shows, music or magazines for UK Google Nexus 7

When Google first announced its Android 4.1-powered Nexus 7 tablet with much fanfare earlier in June, it heavily promoted the fact that it would also use the Google Play store to download movies, TV shows, music, apps, books and magazines. As it turns out, that was just for the US version of the seven inch tablet.

The Inquirer is reporting that, according to Google, people in the UK who purchase the Nexus 7 won't be able to download any TV shows, music or magazines from the Google Play store. At the moment, Google simply doesn't have the proper licensing rights to offer that kind of content in the UK Google Play store. UK owners of the Nexus 7 will have to stick with downloading movies, apps and books.  There's no word when, or even if, the content in the US Google Play store will become available in the UK version.

The Nexus 7 tablet, made by Asus, should still be a very impressive tablet, with its quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and the new Jelly Bean version of the Android OS. It will become available for sale later this month for the price of just £159 in the UK.

Source: The Inquirer

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