Noby Noby Boy stretches onto the iPhone

Keita Takahashi the creator of the oddly popular Katamari Damacy and the odder Noby Noby Boy has announced at GDC today that Noby Noby boy will follow in the footsteps of his last release and that it will be arriving onto the iPhone and iPod touch.

Showing the game off live, it will be played from a top down view of the world and he demonstrated the touch screen controls that will be the basis for stretching Boy around his environment.

He also discussed Noby Noby Boy as a whole at the talk with a few facts, Girl, the giant version of Boy, is growing on average 40 million meters a day and that it will take at least 820 years at this rate to connect our entire solar system. Which he followed up jokingly with "This is a problem. I'm going to be dead by then."

Takahashi hinted to the possibility of linking up the stretch totals from the iPhone and Playstation 3 versions to the game adding to Girls total length from both platforms, which will hopefully speed up the process of unlocking new levels.
He however did not mention a release date but it is assumed to be coming sometime this year.

For those who don't know much about Noby Noby Boy, you can find the Neowin Review of the Playstation 3 version here.

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