Nokia adds map data to its Lumia Storage Check app

A few days ago, Nokia announced a new feature for its Lumia Windows Phones; a Storage Check app that offers a better way to visualize and manage the onboard storage of Lumia devices. The app is being added to new Lumia smartphones either out of the box or via a firmware update, with older Lumia phones scheduled to get the app later.

Today, Nokia released a new beta version of the Lumia Storage Check app that adds a new feature; the ability to manage offline data from Nokia's HERE Maps app. The company's beta labs website states, "The offline maps are hugely valuable when traveling and with the help of this tool, you can now store them on SD card too, vacating some phone memory."

The new beta version also has some debugging tools so that Nokia can figure out why some users of the app are unable to get it started or if the app "spins" forever. The blog adds, "If you have this problem, please let us know if the beta fixes the issue for you and also if it doesn't." While Storage Check is a stand alone app, it still requires the recent firmware updates for Nokia devices.

Source: Nokia | Image via Nokia

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