Nokia: Instagram coming to Windows Phone (maybe)

One day...soon

There seems to be good news for Windows Phone users as Nokia has apparently confirmed that Instagram is coming to Microsoft’s mobile OS.

In an interview earlier today with the Bangkok Post, Chris Weber, Nokia’s executive VP, said that Instagram is coming to the Windows Phone Store, though he failed to mention any exact date or any other details. Weber went on to reaffirm Nokia’s commitment to the region with the upcoming launch of the Lumia 1020 and the company’s goal to regain their market share.

Instagram is one of the big name apps that missing from Microsoft’s offering and even though there are a number of very good alternatives in the Store, nothing beats having official support. Earlier today, one of our sources mentioned it’s very likely we’ll see the Instagram app launch at Nokia’s upcoming New York event. 

We should note that the source VR-zone is citing does not mention the Instagram information at this time, it may have been pulled. But, thanks to those annoying, autoscraping websites, it looks like the original post had the quote, according to this bit of information.

Source: Bangkok Post via: Vr-Zone

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