Nokia loves the Snapdragon S4 chip and melting butter

The launch of the Windows Phone 8 later this year is a boost for Qualcomm, which has its Snapdragon processors inside current and upcoming Windows Phone devices. That includes the upcoming Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones.

In a new post on the official Nokia blog, the company offers up a list of seven features that it says the Snapdragon S4 processor brings to the Lumia 920. One of them is lower battery use. Nokia says:

The Snapdragon S4 processor has been transitioned to a 28nm process (from 45nm), which makes it smallest in the industry, yet it still packs in more transistors. This new process also reduces leakage so that the chip consumes very little energy, helping your smartphone battery last all day.

The blog also links to a Qualcomm video where testers at the processor maker actually places sticks of butter on a smartphone with the Snapdragon S4, along with two other unnamed competitors, and shows how the butter melts much faster on the two other phones compared to the Snapdragon S4.

Other features mentioned in the Nokia blog include better security, higher resolution screens, and support for 4G LTE networks that won't drain the battery as much as previous smartphones with LTE wireless hardware.

Source: Nokia Conversations blog | Image via Qualcomm

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