Nokia mocks Samsung's Michael Bay CES presentation

Movie director Michael Bay had some issues with a teleprompter at Samsung's CES press conference yesterday, culminating with him walking offstage. It was clearly a low point in Samsung's event, and now Nokia's taking the incident and turning it into social media fodder.

In a tweet referencing the incident, Nokia recommended using Microsoft's OneNote app for Windows Phone in the event of a teleprompter failure. An image attached to the tweet specifically references Bay's ill-fated decision to "wing it" before he gave up and walked off stage.

Nokia routinely uses its social media platforms to take shots at its competitors, though Apple has largely been the target of its ire. In September, it referenced the directional problems of Apple Maps in a tweet as well as the iPhone 5c using Nokia's colorful range of cases. It's not the first time Samsung has taken fire from Nokia's social media team, however: In March, it implied Samsung's then-new Galaxy S4 was copying features from its Lumia line of Windows Phone devices.

Nokia's rivalry with Samsung doesn't just extend to social media; in September, it promoted the Lumia 1020 by moving trucks promoting the new smartphone next to billboards for Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Source: Nokia (Twitter)

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