Nokia Plans Three New Phones for the U.S. Market

Nokia on Monday announced the plans of making three new phones for the U.S. Market in hope of increasing its share of the US market. They also said that they hope to sell the phones in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.

The phones will be based on a wireless technology used by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Mobile, CDMA. Nokia says that they plan to sell one of the phones through Virgin Mobile, but have not given details about their plans with Verizon and Sprint. Cingular Wireless and T-Mobile don't look like they will be in on the plans because of their GSM Technology. Nokia has had less success in the US due to the standard US wireless technology, GSM.

Nokia plans to sell its new 6155i CDMA phone in the fourth quarter. The 6155i offers a fold-over cover, built-in zoom lens camera (which supports streaming video), and GPS applications. The 3155 CDMA phone also plans to go on sale with the 6155i in the fourth quarter. The 3155 CDMA also offers a fold-over case with extra memory for storign pictures, along with integrated FM Radio. Both phones are expected to cost $100 to $250, a middle-tier price range described by Nokia.

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