Nokia turns a jet into Lumia 800 advert

Nokia is spending a lot of cash to advertise their products after making the switch to Windows Phone as their OS of choice. While their products have been receiving high remarks from reviewers, the company is still aggressively advertising their products. Step in an Indian airline operator Jet Airways who allowed Nokia to slap a massive advert on the side of the plane to promote the Lumia 800 (via Wpcentral).

The massive advertisement is certainly a stark contrast to traditional marketing techniques such as billboards or event sponsorships. With Nokia coming to the US in 2012 and a huge advertising budget to go with it, we should hopefully start to see these creative advertisements popping up elsewhere.

Nokia is betting the house with Windows Phone, which is why it is not surprising to see the platform being aggressively marketed by the company. With CES right around the corner, we will quickly learn more about Nokia's plans to bring more products to the States to help them stop the shedding of markets share for their own line of products, as well as help boost Windows Phone's footprint. 

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