Nokia VP: Windows Phone "Apollo" coming mid-2012

While Microsoft's Mango update for its Windows Phone 7 operating system was launched just a few weeks ago, we may not have to wait much longer to get the next big update for the OS. Engadget reports from Nokia World that Nokia vice-president Michael Halbherr confirmed that the next big update, code named "Apollo" should be available for Windows Phone 7 device owners sometime in mid-2012.

Naturally details about what will be included in Apollo have yet to be announced although Halbherr did say it will be a "very different game" compared to the new Mango release.

It also likely means that Microsoft is working with Nokia as well as other Windows Phone-based device makers as we speak on what will be included in Apollo and how upcoming smartphones will take advantage of the new features in their hardware. Indeed the article claims that Nokia is trying to get Microsoft to put in features such as near field communication (NFC) in the next update.

In any case, we just hope that whenever the next Windows Phone update is released it also comes with the promised support for things like dual core processors and LTE-based wireless networks. As cool as the new Nokia phones look, a lot of Android-based phones now have LTE support and even the iPhone 4S has a dual core processor.

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