Nokia's Gamers

Wish i had one :)

"NOKIA'S latest gadget is a handheld game device with 3D colour graphics and multiplayer mode - oh, and it also doubles as a phone. The world's largest mobile phone company is making the leap into digital entertainment with N-Gage, a mobile games device that will compete with Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. The Australian games market was worth $825 million last year - $2.26 million daily - and Nokia wants some of the action. Nokia Mobile Phones Australia general manager Alex Lambeek said the N-Gage would be the first of a number of games products for Nokia.

"We see a huge trend to gaming globally," Mr Lambeek said. "More people are into games, particularly away from home, visiting friends and in mobile situations." N-Gage will compete with Nintendo's popular Game Boy Advance, home to Pokemon and Super Mario, but Mr Lambeek said the N-Gage would appeal to a wider age group. Nokia's advantage was its ability to offer multiplayer games over both the mobile network and inbuilt Bluetooth wireless technology, he said."


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