Nominet launches, first come first served!

British Internet users are about to enter the "me" era, when they will be able to claim a chunk of the world wide web under a suffix.

The domain name is the first added to the UK's list since 1996, when the registry of .uk domain names, Nominet, was set up.

Private individuals have been left with, which officially is intended for commercial enterprises. Now, private individuals will be able to claim a little more individuality.

Those who prefer to remain in the shadows need not worry, as any name can be registered under -- it does not have to be the person's real one, according to Nominet's rules. The name will be valid for two years, when it can be renewed.

Asccording to Nominet's rules, you can register domain names through an Internet Service Provider, and the price may vary according to the provider that you use. The majority of ISPs are members of Nominet, and are entitled to receive a reduced registration fee.

ISPs will be charged $72 by Nominet for every name registered, and are likely to pass the costs on to the users. But prices are expected to gradually fall, reaching a mere five pounds by July 1st 2002.

(So, get them while there hot. It's a pity that they will charge an initially high price for each domain, and by the time that it gets down to the 5 pound mark, most of the good ones will be gone... :(, Ed.)

News source: Reuters

View: Main Nominet site and Nominet - Questions, Answers and Pricing regarding domain registration.

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