Not using Facebook? You might be a mass murderer!

If you’re not using Facebook, you have a greater chance of being a mass murderer. According to the German site, researchers have determined that those who abstain from using the largest social media site in the world are suspicious. Not only do they believe you have an increased risk of violence, but also state that employers should be wary of hiring people who don’t post their information online.

With over 955 million users worldwide, almost everyone is on Facebook at this point. Norwegian shooter Anders Breivik used MySpace instead and the alleged Aurora shooter, James Holmes, was on neither site. These two individuals are used as examples that not being connected online is a data point that could predict violent crimes. In a study conducted last year by Richard E. Bélanger, not partaking in social media was linked to mental illnesses like depression.

Of course, it’s silly to say that everyone not on the world’s largest social media site is crazy. Just don’t be surprised if people think you’re hiding something if you don’t share your life with the world.

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