Not Y2K, but Glitches Loom with '07 Daylight-Saving time

Sounding a little like the Y2K concerns at the turn of this century, the U.S. Congress's expansion of daylight-saving time, which moves the clock change from early April to March 11, may cause some VARs to lose a little sleep. The change will require patches for many software products, some which will require manual installations. But customers shouldn't expect VARs to be pushing such patches very hard.

"People will wait and see what will really happen because of Y2K," said Jim Locke, president of JWLocke and Associates, a VAR based in Pasadena, Calif. "Everybody shouted that the world was going to come to an end with Y2K, and of course it didn't." But in spite of the negative connotations that may automatically go along with the daylight-saving time issue, Locke believes that it will indeed be an issue, and one that will most likely be handled through remediation rather than proactive efforts.

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