NPR and WSJ building iPad friendly websites

When the iPad was first announced, it was said that the device would not support flash.  While Steve Jobs has made his stance clear that Flash will not be on the iPad or the iPhone in the near future, what’s a website that uses the technology to do? 

If you are the Wall Street Journal or the Nation Public Radio content owners, you build a website dedicated for the sole purpose of supporting iPad users.  According to Apple Insider, that’s exactly what the WSJ and NPR are planning on doing. 

It’s not completely uncommon to build websites for a particular device, Neowin does this with its mobile webpage. What is uncommon is to invest the resources to cater to a crowd that will not even make up one half of one percent initially of devices on the web. 

Steve Jobs has done a brilliant job marketing his new device, while initial sales do look particularly strong, no one knows if the device will stand the test of time.  Sure, predicting the future and altering your website to cater to one device could put you ahead of the game, or, could this all be part of Steve’s master plan to begin the removal of Flash from all websites in favor of HTML 5?

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