Nuclear reactor isn't using a licensed copy of WinCC

When building a multi-million dollar nuclear reactor there are few areas that nobody would want to skimp on. When a leak of radiation could effectively kill and make a vast area inhabitable for quite some time you would think that no details would be overlooked right?

Below is a picture of the console of a newly built nuclear power plant in Iran. The console, for those who don't know, runs the entire plant and maintains that all safeguards remain active and in place; effectively, it prevents an entire meltdown. With such a high valued piece of equipment you would think that the Iranians would have splurged for a licensed copy of WinCC!

It is not known if the plant is operational yet as it has been a heated battle between Iran and the UN about Iran's intentions with nuclear capabilities. The issue here is not if they should have nuclear power but that they should at least make sure the software running the plant, is in fact, capable of running all the operations with no chance of a meltdown!

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