Nvidia CEO: Windows RT will result in a wonderful PC

There are many naysayers when it comes to Microsoft's Windows RT but it seems Nvidia's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, is definitely not among them.

According to ZDnet, Huang had some very nice words to say about Microsoft's efforts in this space. Even though the lesser version of Windows 8 has yet to take off in any major way, nVidia's CEO is looking towards the future and according to him, Microsoft's efforts in this space will result in "a wonderful PC". Now you may point out that Huang is clearly biased as the Surface RT tablet is powered by a Tegra device, however, he also talked about Android and only mentioned Microsoft as an important player, not necessarily the winner in this competition.

His full comments, following Nvidia's Q4 earnings report:

I believe in tablets wholeheartedly. And it's an area, it's a segment of the marketplace that we are going to continue to invest in and be quite successful in. Win RT -- I believe it is essential, strategically essential for Microsoft to be on all of the major processors in the world, surely the highest volume processor in the world, as a software company, and an operating system company. It's a market they can't afford to ignore. And so, Win RT is surely going to be an important area for them.

Now, whether people see Win RT as a consumer tablet or as a PC is yet to be determined. But at the very minimum, if you extrapolate it forward by a few years, it's hard to imagine how Win RT can't possibly, won't possibly be a wonderful PC. We know exactly what it feels like on top of a Tegra 4, and it rocks. It's fantastic. And so, Win RT I think will be successful as well. Microsoft will have no choice but to continue to invest in it, and it's a great company. They will do something great with it.

It's definitely interesting to see so much optimism for Microsoft's products but then again how could he have said anything differently?

Source: Zdnet | Image via Tablets Planet

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