Nvidia confirms Socket 939 Semprons in pipeline

Nvidia has revealed that AMD plans to release Socket 939 Sempron processors. AMD formally launched its Sempron budget processor line earlier today, listing desktop and mobile, and Socket A and Socket 754 CPUs among the line-up. Nvidia dutifully announced to the world that "current and future" nForce chipsets will support the new processors. "Nvidia has nForce MCPs [media and communications processors] for all flavours of the AMD Sempron processor family," the company gushes. That includes "nForce 2 IGP for 462-pin/AGP, nForce 3 250 for 754-pin/AGP and next-generation nForce MCPs for 939-pin/PCI Express".

In other words, the Socket 939 PCI Express nForce will support Sempron - ergo Sempron will go Socket 939. Nvidia adds: "Next-generation PCI Express [MCPs] are scheduled to be available later this year in time for AMD Sempron market availability." That may well be the Sempron 3000+, which wasn't mentioned in AMD's announcement today, but turns up in the chip maker's online FAQ. It will ship in Q4, the AMD web site reveals. It's likely then that the PCI Express nForce part(s) will ship in Q4, too.

News source: The Register

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