Nvidia Detonator 44.65 Windows 2000 / XP BETA

Warp2Search have uncovered a new, previously unreleased Nvidia Detonator driver version 44.65. This is the latest known build from the 44.xx series. This driver is a generic release and works for RIVA TNT, GeForce, Geforce 2, GeForce 3 + 4, the 'Ti' range of cards, GeForce FX and some Quadro cards.

Detonator 44.65 Windows 2000/XP Beta:

  • Core files are dated: 31st of May 2003

  • OpenGL library 5th of June 2003

  • Setup routine included

  • Not WHQL certified

  • English language support only

  • Supported cards: nearly all; check nv4_disp.inf for details

  • No word yet on performance and compatibility.

    Download: Nvidia Detonator 44.65 Windows 2000 / XP BETA

    News source: Warp2Search

    This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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