Nvidia GeForce Driver 417.35 WHQL now available with DLSS support for Final Fantasy XV

Nvidia is releasing another Game Ready GeForce driver today, bringing the version number up to 417.35. While the previous release added and improved support for a few games, the latest version focuses mostly on Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, adding support for Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS) in beta form.

DLSS is Nvidia's new anti-aliasing technology powered by neural networks and AI, promising a lot of benefits to owners with the new GeForce RTX cards. With today's update, the RTX 2080 Ti can run Final Fantasy XV at 4K resolution while achieving over 60 frames per second. Take a look at how the game runs on a GTX 1080 Ti compared to its successor:

Aside from this, the latest release also fixes some issues found in previous versions of the driver. Notably, a bug that caused 3D games to run below 30 frames per second on notebooks has been resolved, which should be welcome news for gamers on the go. Here's the full list of fixes:

  • [SLI][TITAN Xp]: SLI is disabled by default after installing the driver. [200471881]
  • [TITAN V][NVIDIA Control Panel]: The Workstation->Manage GPU Utilization page appears when it shouldn’t. [200470813]
  • [Rocket League]: The game launches to a white screen with audio in the backgroundand then crashes. [2451530]
  • [Battlefield V: Day0 97][Ansel]: After being moved all the way to the left, the Ansel field-of view (FoV) slider stops following the click-and-drag mouse movement. [2438857]
  • [Hitman 2 Silent assassin]: There is flickering texture corruption in the game. [200472315]
  • [Notebook][3D games]: Frame rate of 3D games may drop to under 30 fps on notebooks. [2456653]

Of course, the release isn't without its own set of known issues, some of which have persisted for a few releases now. Here's what you need to be aware of:

Windows 10 issues

  • [GeForce GTX 1080Ti]: Random DPC watchdog violation error when using multiple GPUs on motherboards with PLX chips. [2079538]
  • [Firefox]: Cursor shows brief corruption when hovering on certain links in Firefox. [2107201] (Also applies to Steam)
  • [G-Sync]: Random flickering occurs when connecting G-Sync monitor + non G-Sync HDMI monitor with G-Sync enabled. [2399845]

Additional issues

  • 2449346-The Witcher 3 will BSOD with Bad Spooler error randomly during gameplay
  • 2451459-Batman: Arkham Origins: Physx fog rendering incorrectly
  • 2420789-ARK Survival may crash with bad pool caller error and eventual BSOD

The new driver is now available through the Nvidia GeForce Experience software, or from Nvidia's website. Windows 10 users can find the desktop version here, and the notebook version here. If you're on older Windows releases, the desktop variant can be found here, while the notebook version is here.

You can read the full release notes for this driver here, and visit the dedicated thread on Nvidia's community forums to discuss the driver and provide feedback.

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