Nvidia native PCI Express comes in Q3

GRAPHICS FIRM Nvidia has already introduced its PCI Express but you can still not do anything with those cards since you can not plug it anywhere. Nvidia is using its famous HIS chip, for building bridges to Babylon. In the second quarter, Nvidia plans to invade the market with its PCI Express PCX series which are used with the NV19 to NV39 old chips. But you actually won't see any PCI Express platforms until very late Q2 with serious availability until Q3.

Nvidia has four cards that will be native PCI Express starting with NV45 PCI Express version of NV40. There is an interesting thought about this chip anyway. Someone suggested that NV40 might be a native PCI Express chip with inside bridge to make it AGP capable. We don't have any proof for this but it sounds very interesting.

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