Nvidia's cheaper RTX 2070 GPU arrives on October 17

Last month, Nvidia finally unveiled its first-ever ray-tracing GPUs in the form of the RTX family of cards. The higher-end models - the 2080 and 2080 Ti - were available for pre-order right away and meant to launch last week - though the latter ended up being delayed to later this week - but there wasn't a specific release date for the RTX 2070. That is, until today.

The official Nvidia GeForce Twitter account today revealed that the cheaper option among the newly announced cards will be available on October 17. Visiting the official product page for the RTX 2070 still doesn't seem to allow customers to pre-order the card, however, so you'll have to wait a little bit longer.

As a reminder, the RTX 2070 is expected to start at $499, but the Founders Edition, which comes straight from Nvidia, costs $599. That may seem a little steep, but the company does promise better performance than the Titan Xp, which costs about twice as much.

Speaking of performance, the RTX 2070 offers up to 45T RTX-OPS, which is the new measurement of performance being used by Nvidia, and its ray-tracing capabilities go up to 6 GigaRays/second. Like the RTX 2080, it comes with 8GB of DDR6 memory.

Source: Nvidia (Twitter) via PCWorld

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