Nvidia's Crush chipset for the Athlon 64 will be a single chip

NVIDIA SHOWED OFF its Crush K8 chipset for the AMD Athlon 64 to selected customers at the 2002 Comdex show, Digitimes reports. And the chipset will be a single chip configuration, with the AGP controller interface integrated into the south bridge chip, the wire reports. Nvidia's senior director of platform product management Drew Henry, said that Nvidia decided to include the AGP controller interface in the south bridge to enable mobo makers to design boards for the chip more easily using Crush. He said that, with AMD incorporating the north bridge-based memory controller into its upcoming processors, the role of the north bridge chip would become rather limited, the wire reports.

Other chipset makers - including ATI, says the wire - will adopt the more usual north/south-bridge design for their Athlon 64 chipsets.

Henry told Digitimes thatTaiwanesee chip fab TSMC will build the chip for fabless using a 0.15-micron process

News source: The Inq

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