Nvidia's GeForce Now game streaming service is now out of beta for $4.99 a month

Today, Nvidia announced that its GeForce Now game streaming service is out of beta. As the company puts it, it adds a virtual GeForce graphics card to your device, and it's supported on Windows, Mac, Shield, and Android phones. The company also announced today that Chrome OS support is coming later on this year.

What's notable about GeForce Now is that you don't have to ditch your existing games. This service lets you use games that you already own, from vendors like Steam, Origin, and UPlay. Moreover, Nvidia says that GeForce Now has over 30 free-to-play games.

Another feature for the service that's new today is that RTX is getting turned on. Yes, you'll be able to stream games using real-time ray tracing, something that's only available in RTX graphics cards. But rather than having you spend a ton of money on a new GPU, Nvidia is hoping that this will be a value proposition for its streaming service.

After all, game streaming services are all about offering gaming to devices that wouldn't be considered gaming hardware. This could be an Android phone, but it could also be an ultrabook with integrated graphics. Now, you don't have to spend a thousand dollars on an external GPU; you can stream games and use the GPU power available in the cloud.

There's a free tier with one-hour session length, and Nvidia is also offering a Founders tier. This offers three months for free, along with a special $4.99 a month price for all of 2020. If you want to check out GeForce Now, you can find it here.

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