NXE released tomorrow, beta applicants get early treatment

Fantastic news for those who put their name down hoping to get a spot on the NXE previews: Microsoft haven't forgotten about you, and they've released the update to absolutely everyone who submitted an application (as long as the details and console ID were correct). The news comes from Major Nelson merely 24 hours before Xbox owners worldwide will be able to experience it, a welcomed gesture showing that Microsoft appreciates it's loyal users, and one which will most likely take a lot of stress off the servers.

The New Xbox Experience is free for all Xbox 360 owners with an Xbox Live account set up (free Silver accounts work too) and requires 128MB of storage to download, and Microsoft has previously given away free memory cards to Core owners so that they aren't left out. The update will provide Netflix support, installing games to the HDD, avatars, and a much more refined interface, among other features. Once installed, the Xbox will play an introductory video before letting you explore.

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