NYC subway car turns pink to promote Surface; our eyes bleed

Way back in August, Microsoft started promoting its upcoming Surface tablet with a mysterious street art ad campaign in several cities, starting with New York City. Even though the Surface has been on sale for a couple of months, Microsoft is still trying to come up with some new ways to put the tablet in front of the ordinary consumer.

This month, Microsoft started turning the insides of at least some New York City subway cars pink with lots of Surface signage. Mashable reports that one of the cars was spotted on the shuttle run between NYC's Grand Central Station and 42nd Street.

As you can see, pretty much everything but the floor is covered in pink, in the same shade of one of the Surface's Touch Cover keyboards. There's also a video monitor on top that runs Surface TV ads. The color hurts our eyes by just looking at the picture and we can't imagine how it might look to people who get on this subway car in real life.

This new campaign has apparently been going on for a little while. Twitter user Declan Connolly posted up an image earlier this month showing a much nicer looking blue NYC car that promotes Surface. However, he also mentions that there's a Surface subway car that has an orange color. Yikes!

Source: Mashable | Image via Mashable

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