Nyko offers protective cases that can also charge your Nintendo Switch

If there is one thing about the Switch that makes it special, it's the unique ability to take the console with you wherever you want to go and still have a quality gaming experience. While the device does give you decent battery life, there are times when you will need more. Sure, you can use a standard battery pack, but why not have something specific that is made just for the Switch? Nyko is bringing two products to market next month, the Power Shell Case and the Power Pak.

Nyko's Power Shell Case offers gamers a form of protection for their console, storage for games, and also a means to charge while on the go. The outer cover is made from a hard plastic, while the inside allows the Switch to be nestled securely with a space in the top portion for games. A cable can be plugged in and used to charge the console. For added convenience, the Switch can be propped up in two different positions, allowing gamers to play and charge at the same time. Speaking with Nyko, the case can only charge the unit while it is open and will not charge when closed for safety reasons. The Power Shell Case offers 6,000mAh battery and recharges using a microUSB port. The product will be available in July from Amazon for $39.99.

The Power Pak is a 5,000mAh enclosure that protects the Switch but can charge the system at the same time. While it does provide a good layer of protection, it doesn't obstruct any of the vents or ports on the system, and also offer a kickstand. The Power Pak offers charging via USB Type-C and has an indicator light on the back to show how much battery life is remaining. It will also arrive on Amazon in July for $39.99

Source: Nyko

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