NZ Apple retailer accidentally confirms Apple Television, iPhone 5? Possibly.

We don't like to add to the rumor mill on most days, but a particular article about a New Zealand Apple reseller caught our eye this morning over on The General Manager of Youbee, the only Apple retailer for New Zealand was quoted talking about his new retail store for Apple products and said:

'There are going to be some significant products released this year from Apple. There's iPad 3, the iPhone 5 and the Apple television, which everyone's talking about.''

Whoops! The last time we remember, Apple doesn't like it when their retailers go around talking about products that are unreleased, or even unannounced, such as an Apple Television that's been rumored on the internet for a few weeks now. It's hard to believe a small company like Youbee would know details like this, when many of them aren't even known by employees at Apple. It's strange that the General Manager was so confident about it though.

It seems like speculation to us, but there's a possibility it could be insider information based on their parter status. We suspect we'll be hearing from Apple soon to clarify this comment. Put this one down as pure speculation, for now.

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