Oblivion PSP listing appears on Amazon

We really wish we had a better understanding of the Oblivion PSP game (formally known as The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion) but we still don't get it. We saw the first nugget in OPM in the fall of 2006 and it's been radio silence since then. Last we heard, folks who pre-ordered the game were being called by retailers in November to learn that it had been canceled.

Today though, CVG thinks they might have found a sign of life with a listing for the PSP title appearing on Amazon with a ship date of June 30, 2008. Bethesda was mum, telling us: "[We] still aren't talking about what's up with Oblivion PSP. We'll let folks know when that changes." So, a listing, but no confirmation.

[Via CVG]

News source: Joystiq
Link: Amazon

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