OCSystem XDream OverClock System Review

Thanks John of I am not a geek for sending us the following mail: specializes in OverClocked Gaming systems. Today I am looking at there XDream System. I am still trying to decide if the reason I like it so much is its performance or its looks.

"You can see here the IDE and Floppy Cables are Blue Rounded Cables, if you prefer you can upgrade to Silver Rounded Cables for $10. They have included separate IDE cables for the CD-ROM and the hard drive which is important because if they are both on the same cable the hard drive performance would suffer. You can see the intake fan in the bottom of the case, but there is also a spot for a second intake fan at the front which would blow into the lower drive cage. The two 3.5" drive cages you see in the picture can both be easily removed by just the flip of a lever, each drive cage can hold 3 drives. You might be wondering what those things are on the bottom of the case. Well they are actually drive rails. They are in holders that are attached to the case so you will not lose the spare rails. You can see six rails on the bottom of the case, the other two are on the CDRW."

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