OCZ Vector 150 SSD Review

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The Vector 150 is an evolutionary step forward for OCZ's enthusiast series, improving the original Vector's endurance and security by supposedly being able to withstand 150% more writes along with providing AES-256 encryption. By focusing on those features, OCZ left us with the impression that speed wasn't a priority, but that hasn't prevented the company from boasting about breaking performance barriers.

OCZ says its Vector 150 series offers better sustained and mixed workload results than its first Vector and while we'll test those claims shortly, for now it's worth noting that the company's pricing certainly seems to reflect a speed boost at no less than $1.00 per gigabyte. The 120GB model is set at $130 ($1.08/GB), the 240GB version is fetching $240 ($1.00/GB) and the 480GB Vector 150 is going for $500 ($1.04/GB).

By comparison, OCZ's performance series Vertex 450 is priced at $230 for 256GB ($0.89/GB), while Samsung's 256GB SSD 840 Pro is only $0.83/GB and a TLC-equipped 840 Evo of the same size costs a mere $0.66/GB. We're skeptical about OCZ being able to justify the Vector 150's price, but the company has surprised us with knockout performance in the past so it only seems fair to expect big things from their latest drive.

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