Office 2003 Testers Receive Their Gifts

There is a rather big thread going on in our forums revolving around this year's beta test of Office 11 (Office 2003). Some testers aren't happy that they're only receiving a Radio for their "efforts". It seems this year that Microsoft has taken the wise step to hand out gifts to only those who deserve them. In a letter addressed to the "Top 60 testers" The Microsoft Office Team thanks Microsoft Office 2003 Pre-Release Program Members by outlining to them that they're "among the top 60 participants in terms of providing overall feedback and assistance to others in the program". Included in the package is a complimentary copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, the clip on radio, an Office sticker and an Office Notepad & Pen.

Maybe this will mark a step forward in beta testing for Microsoft. The Office 2003 beta team selection was poor to say the least. I'm definitely not alone when I say I hope Microsoft improves its beta selection candidates, as currently a lot aren't helping or are just clogging up newsgroups with useless posts. Well done to the testers that are receiving more than just the radio.

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Screenshot: Office Radio Clip

Screenshot: Lucky Top 60 Testers Package

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