Office 2013 information coming later this summer

Steve Ballmer and crew took the stage at MWPC and he, as you would expect, is already running Windows 8 and Office 2013 and is extremely excited about the two products. While we were all hoping to here a beta announcement at MWPC, we wil have to wait until later this Summer to learn more.

We have already learned that Office is on over a billion PCs around the world but Microsoft is highly excited about the possibilities of the upcoming platform but there is nothing new unfortunately for we end users can get our teeth on.

We have already seen some leaks from the Technical Preview which you can read more about here and we have also seen a few glimpses of Office 2013 on Windows RT. With the end of Summer not that far off, we should be hearing more about the next major update to the Office platform in the very near future.

Microsoft's Worldwide Developer Conference is just kicking off and we expect to hear a lot more out of the Microsoft camp over the next couple of days.

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