Office11 ISV Tech Support, a place to get answers

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Welcome to Office11 ISV Tech Support! This is the BetaPlace site for the Smart Client Readiness Program for ISVs, by which you will find the following:

1. Accessing private newsgroups on Office System

2. Updating your contact information

3. Reporting bugs online, as well as viewing status of your bugs

4. Updated information and downloads

5. General guidelines and information

To access Office11 ISV Tech Support, go to BetaPlace and sign in with your .NET Passport account. (Participation is by individual invitation for you only. Do not share your .NET Passport or BetaPlace access with others.)

Access to Office11 ISV Tech Support and these private newsgroups is limited to participants of the Microsoft Smart Client Readiness Program for ISVs.

News source: Beta Place

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