Old browsers revisited (if you want that is)

Ever felt like backtracking to an earlier browser? Do you miss the glory days of Netscape 3.x or were you a Microsoft 3.0.2 fan? (Win95) Finding those earlier browsers and installing them is a nightmare. Do you run Virtual Machines with Windows 3.11 for a laugh and want 16 bit browsers to play with? Am I pimping to much? Well ok I'll get to the point, being the good Neowinian I am, I was browsing through my local PC rag netmagazine.nl (Dutch) and I came across a blurb which gave an address to download just about every browser (well known) from the first to the latest versions! I gave it a whirl and found myself in a Microsoft browsing listing dating back to v1.0 (link here)

Well worth a look if you want a blast from the past..

View: Browsers @ evolt.org

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