On the road with wi-fi and video

Gadget lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to portable media players, with an increasing number offering web access through wi-fi connections.

We take a look at four different players - Sony's PSP Slim, Archos 605wifi, Nokia's N800 and the Apple iPod touch - and assess their strengths and weaknesses in different categories

Portable players should be just that - easy to carry, lightweight, with a well designed user interface (UI).

The two most aesthetically pleasing devices are the iPod touch and the Nokia N800. Apple's device deserves special mention - at only 8mm thick and impossibly light, it looks like a vision of the future. The other devices have put function before form, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The re-designed PSP has a low-cost plastic feel but it is much, much lighter than the original machine and can now sit comfortably in a jacket pocket.

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