One in five Brits with an iPhone regret their choice

Regret your iPhone? Wish you'd gone for a different phone? Or maybe you're tired of driving on the right hand side? Then Britain is the place for you! A new survey has found that one in five British iPhone owners have regrets about purchasing the phone. Of those that regretted their choice, 73 percent were male.

Digging a little deeper, GoodMobilePhones found that 43 percent envied other people's phones, while a quarter put it down to the battery life. The head of the website, Mark Owen, said, "Smartphone envy is something that many phone owners experience, but few will admit to, because everybody wants to believe that they own the ‘best’ phone on the market."

I'm an iPhone owner. I'm happy with my phone. Usually, when I go out and spend an extortionate amount on something, I tend to research it. I decided, after researching, that the iPhone was the phone for me. So it's not that people regret the phone that's surprising, it's that people are envious of other people's phones. Wake up, Britain! Before you spend that much money, look at other phones first! It's a real problem we have when people aren't doing their homework before buying an expensive toy and then regretting it later.


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