OneNote 2003 SP1 hits RTM

Thanks Bink and SidVicious for the heads up. It has been a month since Microsoft released the preview version of OneNote 2003 SP1 and today, the product has reached the RTM stage.

Chris Pratley, the OneNote developer, said in his Web Blog that although the code has been signed off, it would take several weeks for other process like creating the international version to happen before the product gets released.

Microsoft OneNote 2003 offer its users with a "digital notepad" solution. OneNote can help increase the productivity level of your note-taking experience by offering features such as digital ink, which would allow you to jot and scratch what goes on in the meeting room as well as creating audio notes to help you ensure that nothing gets left out.

The new feature that interests me was the multiple sessions note taking - personally, this is very cool. According to Pratley, they once had over 70 people taking the same note! Along with new features, the development team has also expressed their satisfaction with the improvements in performance and bug fixes.

"It is super rock solid stable. The original version of OneNote was pretty darn stable, but for SP1 we have had the chance to collect Watson data for the last 9 months or so and have been able to fix a large % of the crashes and hangs people have seen. We measure "mean time to failure" for OneNote and we are now averaging about 900 hours of execution time between crashes for the original version. That means if you add up all the time that we are running for all users and divide by the number of crashes logged, we get a pretty big number. The numbers for SP1 are still coming in but they are way ahead of the original release for the same pre-ship period, so we should be able to beat 900hours no problem. We are pretty happy with how stable we are - people expect version 1 of an application to be weak in this area and we have not fallen victim to that - quite the opposite," said Pratley.

You can read more about OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 at Chris Pratley's Web site.

View: Chris Pratley's Web site

View: Microsoft OneNote 2003 Overview

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