Online scam targets former MegaUpload users

The shut down of the MegaUpload file sharing web site in January caused millions of its users to lose their data. Now it appears that at least some of these former MegaUpload users are being targeted by a new type of online scams, designed to scare them into paying "fines" for downloading alleged pirated content. reports that the scams involves a letter from a fake German law firm, Dr. Kroner & Kollegen. The letter claims that this law firm is representing several media businesses and presents the person with "evidence" that they have downloaded pirated content from these companies from MegaUpload.

The letter, which is presented as an attached PDF file in an email, says that the MegaUpload user may have to deal with fines that could reach 10,000 euros. However, the letter also claims it can make this threat go away for a payment of a mere 147 euros. Obviously the intent is to scare former MegaUpload members and then have them spend what they think is a small price to pay instead of a larger fine.

This scam has apparently hit some MegaUpload users in Europe but so far it doesn't seem to have reached over to users in the US. Nevertheless, people should be on the lookout for this kind of fraud.

Image via TorrentFreak

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