OnLive Desktop goes legal

If you use OnLive Desktop to run Windows 7 on your iPad or Android tablet, youll be pleased to know that the service isnt in any danger. Microsoft recently made a bit of a fuss over OnLives apparent improper licensing of Windows 7, but it looks like theyve resolved their differences by switching to Windows Server 2008 R2 instead of standard Windows 7, according to visualization expert Brian Madden.

Microsoft offered to help OnLive find a mutually agreeable solution, so its possible that they simply suggested that the company switch to Server 2008, which allows for licensing to services like OnLive Desktop. On the other hand, its also possible that OnLive ended up having to re-license everything, and its unlikely that either of them is going to have much to say about it.

While Windows Server 2008 is a very similar OS to Windows 7, the update unfortunately cost OnLive a few features. Some users over at OnLive Fans noticed that handwriting recognition is no longer supported, which is a shame since its a really useful feature thats missing from most stock tablet OSes. Still, its great to see Microsoft and OnLive resolve their issues, and with their legal troubles behind them maybe OnLive can focus on improving their services and features. Now guys, wheres OnLive Player for iOS?

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