Open-Source Group Razzes Microsoft With ''

An open-source group mocked Microsoft on a newly launched Web site dubbed and claimed the Windows operating system is a "power grab" to steal control over users" computers.

The Free Software Foundations campaign will both promote free software alternatives to Vista and publicize what it sees as the danger of Microsofts new operating system, the group said.

"Vista is an upsell masquerading as an upgrade," said John Sullivan, the groups program administrator, on the site. "It is a ruse to compel the further transfer of control over peoples" computers to an external and mysterious certification authority with peculiar standards of "genuine." Its a ploy to artificially motivate the purchase of expensive, unnecessary hardware."

In other entries on the site, Sullivan labeled Microsofts Trusted Computing initiative as "Treacherous Computing," called the companys marketing campaign a "power grab," and promised to promote free operating system alternatives, especially Linux.

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