Opera 10 released

Ah, September 1. Not a particularly eventful day... aside from a few obscure public holidays (it's Knowledge Day in Russia!) and other events of the sort, it's hard to say that there's much going on (well, there might be something else happening). However, for the technology world, there's a milestone of sorts that's been hit: Opera 10 has been released.

Yeap, that's right. True to its word, Opera has gone ahead and made the public, final version of its latest release available worldwide, bringing some slick new changes which are bound to make some folk rather happy. It took a surprisingly short time for Opera to bring their browser from Release Candidate to the release version... the RC was out on August 25, and of course, it's only September now, so the pre-release version had been out on the market for less than a week. Here are some of the improvements found, which were in the Release Candidate version (but of course are in the final, too):

- Revamped user interface
- Boosted speed from the new Opera Presto 2.2 engine, giving it a 40% increase from the previous version when running web applications (such as Gmail)
- Opera Mail has seen various improvements
- Opera Turbo, designed to increase browsing speed for those on slower Internet connections
- An inline spell checker, to help catch mistakes when typing in entry forms
- Thumbnail tabs which are resizable
- Speed Dial has been given personalization features

If you're eager to get this up and running, head over to the download page on Opera's website, and your operating system will be automatically detected to give you the appropriate version. Be sure to let us know how it goes, although, if you've already had the RC2 version installed, there has only been a couple changes made for the final.

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