Opera 67 introduces Workspaces to help you organize tabs and more

Opera announced today a set of new features designed to let you manage your tabs more easily as part of its R2020 release. The most notable addition is Workspaces, a tab management feature that helps you organize tabs into various categories according to specific life contexts.

The new feature is part of Opera 67 and it allows you to create a group of tabs dedicated only to your social media updates and another workspace for your office tasks alone. Plus, you can send links to a different workspace of your choice with a right-click and find a specific website you've recently opened by clicking the Ctrl+space shortcut and typing the keyword. You can also move tabs between workspaces with Opera's new visual tab switcher that is accessible with Ctrl-Tab, a capability that's already also available on other browsers like Chrome.

Right now, you can create up to five workspaces only and assign an appropriate icon to each of them. In addition, there are more capabilities added to the latest version of Opera meant to help you tidy your browser. You can now check for tabs you've opened twice and remove the duplicate. The browser spots duplicate tabs and highlights those with the same address when you hover your mouse over a tab.

Opera 67 also allows you to access extensions in the sidebar and manage your sidebar elements by clicking the three-dot menu. Other improvements added to Opera 67 are enhanced security with DNS over HTTPS and improved video pop-out for picture-in-picture mode. Opera 67 is available to download now on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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