Opera Mini becomes the first browser to introduce offline file sharing

Opera has announced that its data-saving Opera Mini web browser now supports offline file sharing. Those looking to conserve their data can use the new feature share photos, videos, and audio files with others without a data connection. Offline file sharing is already popular via standalone apps but Opera Mini claims to be the first browser to offer the feature.

To send files this way you’ll need to access file sharing in the browser settings, from there you either choose to send or receive a file from the other person’s device. To establish a connection between the two devices, Opera Mini will generate a QR code which can be scanned by the receiving device to establish the connection.

Explaining how the connection is established, Opera’s Andrzej Czarnecki, said:

“Opera Mini creates a secure private network connection between devices via a direct Wi-Fi connection. This guarantees a successful transfer of files at great speed — 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

“As both devices are connected via direct Wi-Fi, you can be confident that the connection between them will never break unless you decide to stop it.”

Aside from being fast, Opera Mini has integrated offline file sharing directly into its download manager. This makes it easy to share files that you’ve just downloaded without having to manually navigate through the phone’s storage. If you’d like to try out the new feature, download or update Opera Mini from the Google Play Store.

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