Opera reports 170,000 MAUs of its browser-based crypto wallet

The image shows the crypto wallet on mobile

Opera has announced that there are now more than 170,000 monthly active users (MAUs) of its browser-based cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet has been available for a while now and can be used on the desktop, Android, and iOS. Opera said despite the number of people using it, crypto is still far from reaching a mainstream audience.

To increase the appeal, Opera has now introduced easy crypto wallet top-ups in the UK. To deliver this, Opera has partnered up with Ramp which uses European Open Banking APIs to allow easy low-fee crypto top-ups using a bank account or Revolut. By adding this feature, the main barrier to entry is removed for those looking to buy cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the above news, Opera has announced that it’s also partnering with Dapp.com, a cross-chain platform that lets you discover new dApps – decentralised apps hosted on the blockchain – with ease. With these technologies being nascent, Opera believes that it’s important to give users a way to discover the best dApps.

The whole crypto wallet ecosystem is referred to as ‘Web 3’ by Opera, despite there being no consensus on what Web 3.0 entails. Another way Web 3.0 has been imagined is where the user has control over their data, by this definition, cryptocurrencies built into the browser as Opera has done could be included in that definition.

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