Opteron name is a DONE DEAL... OKAY!

Ian of Designtechnica sent me this very interesting mail on AMD marketing response to its customers!

From Ian: I was browsing through my forums today and I happened to notice that one of the forum members had sent an e-mail to AMD about his concerns of the new AMD Opteron name (apparently this person did not like it). He was professional in his e-mail to AMD about his concern. Well, AMD actually responded back. When I read AMD's response, I could not believe that an actual AMD PR rep would make the types of comments he did. Here is what he said:


    We've already done the research... the name is a DONE DEAL... and these guys are idiots. We didn't select this name for the enthusiasts... it's for the server workstation community. If you get any more emails like these just tell them to call me. I'll talk them down from jumping.

    Man! It's so funny to see folks so STUPID. We introduced the name. It's been announced. Logos are done. And they think AMD would change its mind because a few enthusiast geeks don't like it. Well, a lot of folks didn't like Athlon. But the name has equity now... the same will be true for Opteron eventually.



:O What the.. ?? LOL anyway the email is in response to a multiple of forwards within customers services (to my understanding) have a look for yourself. True or not it's interesting all the same.

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News source: Designtechnica

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