Optware to Release 1$ 30 GB Holographic Card

Star Trek type technology isn't that far off, 2006 to be precise. Who would of thought that in the late nineties the very same type of data discs carried by the crew of Voyager would become reality. Optware Corp., a developer of holographic data storage systems, is planning to release a Holographic Versatile Card (HVC) media product at around the end of 2006. The capacity of a card is expected to be 30 GB. The size of the card is no more bigger than a typical credit card, the company says that technically, the size can be reduced to that of a memory card.

The reader is about the size of a harddisk and currently there are is no additional information on any ranges of storage sizes that will be available.

View: Article @ TechOn (Thanks makaveli7i for the link)

View: More Information on HVC @ Optware

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