Oracle launches portal software

What - like Php-nuke? And thats.... free?

"Oracle introduced enhancements to its portal software designed to allow end-users to make changes to enterprise portals (news - web sites), just as end-users now change their browser home pages and bookmarks. The company is unveiling enhancements to its portal software designed to make it easier for nontechnical people to tap into Web services and other data sources without help from programmers. The vendor also plans to debut software that clips information from corporate Web sites and adds it to personal portals.

People would use OmniPortlet build their own portlets -- windows within desktop portals -- that tap into information from databases, Web sites, spreadsheets, and Web services. That information can be displayed in a customized fashion on people's desktops. Today, programmers usually are needed to build portlets, especially when Web services are involved. "Until now, vendors have positioned portals as a difficult technology that always require bringing application developers into the mix, but we are seeing portals as the new desktop for the business user," said John Magee, vice president for Oracle 9i Application Server Product Marketing."

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